Arcade puzzle game. Drag and release to create the ball. Collect all blue dots from each level.
2 types of enemies, awesome physics mechanics and fun strategy puzzles!

Draw the correct shape to cover the shapes in each level. Avoid red!

A challenging puzzle game, with physics logic and more!

3 types of lines, endless possibilities! Normal, fast and bouncy.

Tap and hold to draw lines. Can you get all 3 stars and get to the end?

Find out creative solutions to achieve the goals before the line count drop to 0!

Paint the ball like the one in the model. Use the objects to hide part of the ball and paint only the visible one.

Great mind challenge, you will need to think inversely to win!

Can you guess the pixelated image?

Use the depixelation button until you see the image. Fun and challenging, increased level of difficulty.

Hints and solution available

Hard and fun puzzle game.

30 levels, what will you have to do?

Press the buttons and make the correct combination to advance.

The classic game of spotting the differences, extreme level mode!

110+ levels of different themes.